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Amcorco Corporation Amcor Sorbe / amcor-sorbe

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Our PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Made from completely renewable annual agricultural crop (NO depletion of natural resources) All natural and 100% biodegradable. Non-toxic to humans and NO adverse effect on plants or animals May be used for spills on land, water or as a floor sweep Absorbs up to six times its weight Has less than 1% leaching capability Lightweight thus reducing landfill or incineration disposal costs HYDROPHOBIC. NOT soluble in water Removes harmful and flammable GAS VAPOR CHEMICALS & HYDROCARBONS The chemicals and hydrocarbons can be absorbed by Amcor Sorbe TRAGEDY: OIL SPILL IN WATER THE SOLUTION IS IN OUR HANDS. With Amcorco Corporations Program running, powerful Amcor Sorbe feature HYDROPHOBIC Will remain afloat for long period of time, allowing for easy removal. Amcor Sorbe EASY TO WORK NATURAL PROCESS Set containment booms and spread Amcor Sorbe manually or mechanically. Recover using screened forks, skimmers or vacuum devices. OCEANS, RIVERS, SOIL? NO MATTER. Amcor Sorbe WORKS IN EVERY ELEMENT. Amcor Sorbe meets or exceeds EPA requirements Fed.Req./Vol 57, No. 223, c/o CFR Parts 260, 265, 271. Meets or exceeds Coast Guards requirements for usage of natural absorbent. POTENTIAL INDUSTRIES THAT CAN USE Amcor Sorbe. Oil and/or derivatives are present in almost every industry. The spill can occur every day. You can be at the following list of potential users:. REFINERIES Refineries are the most exposed industry to oil spills. OIL FIELDS While working extracting oil from ground is essential to keep the fields clean. AIRPORTS & SHIPPING PORTS Every vessel uses fuel for their work. GAS STATIONS & DISTRIBUTORS Receiving, shipping, selling, buying fuel always have the open possibility to spill some. PETRO CHEMICAL All the derivatives of petroleum are exposed to spill REPAIR SHOPS Working with machines, engines and parts, which everyone has oil or derivatives, could be a danger for spills. PIGS AND OTHER FARMS Odors, emitted mainly from manure but also from decaying feed and carcasses, are a major concern of the farm industry.

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