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Bunge Oils AgriTech Hydraulic Fluid / agritech-hydraulic-fluid

Lube, Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, & Grease
Hydraulic Fluids

AgriTech Brands Soya based ISO 32 and ISO 68 hydraulic fluids are designed to improve safety and performance of hydraulic systems. AgriTech products are designed with improved fire and flash point for the hydraulic fluid as well as providing for reduced environmental risk associated with a hydraulic fluid spill. Fire and flash points for AgriTech fluids are more than twice those of conventional petroleum fluid. AgriTech products have excellent lubricating ability and provide for protection against heat build-up caused by friction providing fluids that are capable of improved shear stability, which translates into lower operating temperatures and extended operational time for hydraulic systems. Improved protection against friction also provides for the potential of reduced energy usage and system downtime. Unlike previous generations of vegetable oil products, AgriTech fluids have been specially processed to improve stability, eliminate odors, and dissipate heat efficiently as well as providing for protection from corrosion, rust, oxidation, and foaming.

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    Biopreferred® Federal PurchasingYes
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    % Biobased ContentEstimated 55%

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