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Columbia Forest Products PureBond Hardwood Plywood, Veneer Core, Unfinished / 20908

Building Finishes, Construction Materials, Construction Materials

PureBond unfinished interior domestic decorative veneer core hardwood plywood is used in high-end cabinetry, fine furniture, architectural millwork and commercial fixtures. PureBond decorative hardwood plywood is offered as FSC Mix Credit upon specification. These ANSI HP-1 interior panels are CARBII compliant [Exempt] and have no-added urea formaldehyde. Panels available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 1-1/4". Primary size offering is 4' in width and 8; in length with 10' options available. Inner ply species on veneer core production vary by wood basket where the mill is located. Decorative face and back species include but are not limited to alder, anigre, ash, aspen, bamboo, basswood, American beech, European beech, birch, butternut, red clear cedar, Aromatic Eastern cedar, cherry, cypress, red elm, fir, red grandis, hemlock, hickory, American holly, khaya, makore, hard maple, soft maple, red oak, white oak, Eastern clear pine, knotty pine, Western clear pine, yellow pine, poplar, sapele, plantation teak, walnut, wenge. Domestic veneer core constructions only. Two step constructions must not utilize polypatch. Panel constructions not included in this filing include two step domestic constructions which use a polypatch filled blank and lamination blanks (Classic Lam) with outer layers of MDF. Polypatch contains measurable red list ingredient, BPA, as an added ingredient. Trace items not reported include PET, composing string, paraffin wax, acetone, water based putty residuals, aluminum glitter used for panel identification and ink jet ink used to label the panels on long edge. Any papers used in the panel construction are red list free and are listed as Cellulose. Columbia UV Wood(tm) finishes are also red list free. All raw panels harbor the potential to off gas acetaldehyde which is not added but created when wood, water and heat are combined. Vital that Columbia be informed through written specification referencing "ILFI LBC Red List Free" specification as specifying PureBond alone does not guarantee absence of BPA based poly patch.

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    MasterFormat® Number06 40 00
  • Certifications and Standards

    Living Building Challenge Declare®
    Declared (20908)

    Certified by International Living Future Institute

    valid until 2018-12-01

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