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Logomas Packaging Sdn Bhd, Malaysia ECOBOX Degradable Polystyrene Foam Lunch Boxes / ecobox-degradable-polystyrene-foam-lunch-boxes

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ECOBOX Degradable Polystyrene Foam Lunch Boxes

TOP 3 Benefits: Certified Environmental Management System Degradable Extended Producer Responsibility

ECOBOX Disposable Lunch Boxes are single use polystyrene take away lunch boxes. ECOBOX uses a pro-degradant additive causing the product to start to break down once exposed to UVs. Logomas has implemented an Extended Producer Responsibility campaign that promotes polystyrene recycling in Malaysia by offering to buy back post-consumer polystyrene foam at higher than current market price. Product has been tested as degradable (ASTM 5208-01, ASTM D882-12 and ASTM G21-09), safe for food contact (American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard 21CFR177.1640; European Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011; Absence of Heavy Metals EPA 3050B/EPA6010C:2007), water and moisture resistance (ISO 5364:1986), grease resistance (ISO 5364:1986), compression Resistance (ASTM D4577:2005 (2010)). The product exists in 3 variation: LP 8 (no lock), LP 888 (large), LP NO.1 (small).
  • Certifications and Standards

    Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
    Global GreenTagGlobal GreenTag LCARate Certificate, Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration Certificate
    Global GreenTag LCARate Certificate
    Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration Certificate

    Certified by Global GreenTag

    valid 2018-05-03 - 2021-06-03

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