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Moll bauoekologische Produkte GmbH INTELLO Plus / 11218

Construction Materials

Smart vapor control, Interior airtightness, and dense-pack reinforcement all in one. INTELLO Plus is a smart vapor retarder that provides a first class air barrrier for thermal insulation in roofs, walls and floors. More importantly it gives structural systems a previously unachievable degree of protection from structural damage (from condensation), even under extreme climatic conditions, due to its intelligent vapor retarding properties. For example: • Vapor closed flat/green-roofs • Unvented pitched roofs (asphalt shingles, OSB sheathing, valleys covered by ice&water shield) • Mixed humid climates with cold winters and air-conditioning requirements in summer • Extreme climates such as in high mountain regions or very cold/arctic conditions Offers the largest vapor variable range available – it additionally opens up at the right moment Properties: • Perm rate from 13.20 to <_0.13 sd="sd" value="value" from="from" _0.25="_0.25" m="m" to="to">25 m) • Offers high diffusion tightness in winter (<_0.13 metal="metal" bibs="bibs" mineral="mineral" install="install" ft2="ft2" translucent="translucent" facilitates="facilitates" air="air" protect="protect" _35="_35" patches="patches" _0.00005cfm="_0.00005cfm" including="including" condensation="condensation" osb="osb" be="be" tescon="tescon" compared="compared" _="_" blown-in="blown-in" e2178="e2178" easy="easy" use="use" drying="drying" _13.2="_13.2" rapid="rapid" wool="wool" fiberglass="fiberglass" lightweight="lightweight" or="or" e84="e84" maximum="maximum" permeance="permeance" cover="cover" especially="especially" suitable="suitable" the="the" against="against" fully="fully" vana="vana" per="per" holes="holes" roofs="roofs" permeability="permeability" allows="allows" for="for" astm="astm" after="after" installation="installation" sdi="sdi" difficult="difficult" which="which" etc="etc" with="with" from="from" cellulose="cellulose" structures="structures" class="class" lower="lower" diffusion="diffusion" grass="grass" material="material" inspected="inspected" interior="interior" materials="materials" flat="flat" and="and" works="works" on="on" others.="others." dense="dense" insulation="insulation" packed="packed" wide="wide" are="are" sheathing="sheathing" summer="summer" perm="perm" _0="_0" siding="siding" of="of" many="many" fs="fs" protection="protection" p="p" recyclable="recyclable" plywood="plywood" openness="openness" test="test" a="a" range="range" exterior="exterior" in="in" to="to">

  • Certifications and Standards

    Living Building Challenge Declare®
    Red List Free (11218)

    Certified by International Living Future Institute

    valid until 2019-02-01

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