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Metal Ceiling Systems

TOP 3 Benefits: Health & Ecotoxicity Designed for Disassembly Durability

SAS International Metal Ceiling Systemsare grid-mounted suspended steel and aluminium ceilings tailored to users requirements, fulfilling specific criteria including design, durability, installation, paint finish, integration, prefabrication, product standards, accessibility and maintenance. The main types of metal ceiling systems offered are:
  • Clip-in tiles with concealed suspension grid.
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  • Hook-on tiles with concealed suspension grid.
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  • Lay-in tiles with exposed suspension grid, offering demountable tiles while retaining layout.
  • SAS International Metal Ceiling Systemsoffer very low VOC emissions, high durability, and total recyclability of materials in the end of the useful life of the products, with the manufacturer being committed to product stewardship and offering a take-back scheme. The manufacturing site is ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 9001 certified.
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