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WAXIE Sanitary Supply WAXIE-Green Fresh Traction Wash - 410182 / waxie-green-fresh-traction-wash-410182

Cleans and digests the sources of odors on restroom floors. Combines an effective neutral cleaner with natural bacteria cultures specially selected to degrade urine and digest grease and organic waste. Safely cleans and restores tile, grout, walls and partitions without acids, caustics, fragrances or sanitizers. Deep cleans and deodorizes on a daily basis with no rinsing. Works great on all hard floors including food- service areas. Reduces slip/fall accident risk by cleaning and digesting grease in porous quarry tile and grout. Used cleaning solution even biologically clears lines and grease traps as it goes down the drain! Can be used to safely soak mats and filters to clean without caustics, butyl or harsh solvents. Eliminates the breeding ground for drain flies without pesticides. Cleans and deodorizes sour mop heads. NFPA and HMIS hazard ratings are all "O" for use-solution. Packaged in unique, two-sided, portion control pouches, 30 to a dispenser box for convenience and cost control. One pouch makes up to four gallons of use-solution. 30pk/bx 4bx/cs.

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